About Moi: The Adventuress

We are now traveling from our armchairs but a good story and some imagination are always good travel companions.

Are you an adventuress?   

It all started quite by accident, for me. I was traveling to Paris to work on a project and I started a blog to record my experiences an impressions about Paris after living there as a 15 year old on the Left Bank. I returned as an exchange student later in High School and college.  When I returned to Paris after college and graduate school, something magical happened.  I  felt like I had come home.

Paris fashion week is one of my haunts as both writer and travel editor. This was a follow up to my years in Hollywood as a stylist. I worked with many luxury brands creating events and experiences in Hollywood and Paris. I have met a unique group of Paris experts, creators, geniuses many of whom are expats. Paris inspires me like it did my father, a multi-linguist educator and Francophile who also taught French + German and shared his experiences with a generation of students. I discovered love many times in Paris (those stories for another time) so the elegant avenues, secret passages and squares inspire me with good memories.

Would you like some travel advice or a touring program to go it on your own? I can help you with that! I have now lived and traveled there over the last 15 years. Bordeaux is also a new city on the horizon for fashion and culture; Lyon is quickly becoming more than just a haven for foodies. Smaller cities in France are quickly becoming desirable along with small french villages that continue their appeal.

I am a Travel Agency + Media Company. My unique partners will treat you like friends or family when you visit!  You can visit the flea markets, see a fashion show,  learn to make French pastry, make your own perfume, shop exclusive boutiques or tour the vineyards of Bordeaux and Champagne. You can find more about these future tours and experiences at Kaleidoskope Travel (www.kaleidoskopetravel.com) that will feature FRANCE and other exotic places around the world. We can collectively dream about where we want to travel now + plan where we wish to go in the future.

Pikke Allen,  Chief Adventuress   Check into my podcast for the episodes on Travel, Romance, Love and the life of an Adventuress.

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