Karl. Visionary. Cat Lover.

The international citizen of the world, Karl Lagerfeld is presented on May 5th in New York at the Metropolitan Museum until July 15th.

What so many models, photographers, magazine editors, actresses tell about KARL is how exacting, precise and witty he was. He simply took on the world of COCO CHANEL and made it his own, when he arrived. He also worked at BALMAIN and FENDI, not to be overlooked in the world of design. His unique overseeing and re-creation of the archives and spirits of CHANEL is not to be taken lightly, he was, as many will say, a genius in the world of design. Who else could take the wonderful world of a fluffy white cat and turn it into a brand that swept the world? (*CHOUPETTE, to you and me)

Living in so many places and times, perhaps his greatest epoch was both ‘at the moment’ with his timely creations and also the 18th century where he lived the life of an elegant lord in a secret palace. He was a private person, but also someone who gathered people around him to inspire him. But, don’t let us tell the story, watch the video of the exhibit to get a taste of the world of Karl and what is in store for you when you attend the exhibit.

All information on the exhibit is here:

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Khaleb Ghareeb photographer for the Karl inspired fashion images.

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