Paris is Romantic. It just is.

Let us Count the Ways we Love Paris in Honor of Valentine’s Day

What does the city of Paris have that makes other cities simply pale by comparison. Let us count the ways. There is a seat on every corner, waiting for you and someone special to meet. The meeting of friends and lovers in Paris at a cafe, is sacred. The rooftops, when you gaze out a window, are so unique to the city, they are protected by a decree from UNESCO. The best hot chocolate in the world. This ‘Cup of Love’ shared with your special someone on a chilly day is near to perfection. Wine and Champagne are part of the daily celebration of Paris (*and France) so there is no need to wait for a special event to break out the glasses and fill them with your favorite bubbles. Florists are also on every street corner and neighborhood. Lovers and husbands regularly grab a bouquet ‘s done. How about that tradition of the kiss, the hug or the greetings known throughout the world for their friendliness? Yes, that too. French people are very demonstrative; I never believed the stories about typical French rudeness as I rarely, if ever, encountered it.

The Streets of Paris are Filled with A Mystery at Every Turn

Walking the streets of Paris is also romantic. Some parts of Paris have not changed in several centuries. A walk through Le Marais is decidedly the 1600s. St. Germain or the 6th, is mostly Medieval France. The streets are narrow, small, and reveal historic secrets if you just keep walking. Side streets in Paris, can be an adventure in themselves, so bring your map*. You’ll encounter elegant parks and boulevards with green spaces designed for you to enjoy. You can stop and admire a building or a placard that might tell you if a historic person slept there. There are fountains and water displays. The tradition of the “promenade” began in the 18th Century, when to parade in your finest clothes, or perhaps riding in your carriage or astride a horse needed the perfect setting, just like Versailles. A French king, was always on parade.

Beauty is for Everyone, not just the Nobility On Parade

Much later, in Paris, (post revolution) the idea of beautification was designed for all citizens, not just the folks at the top of the ladder. Water views? You have only to look at the river the SEINE that winds its way throughout the city and reflects each neighborhood it passes to see the allure of this ancient river. Finally, the greatest aspect of Paris is the architecture of the 19th century creating its signature look* that resides in contrast to centuries of tradition. The battle between the new and the old is always at the heart of every Parisian’s mind. For example, the renovation of NOTRE DAME is proceeding as if time has simply stopped; the workman are busy re-creating the ancient building methods to make sure that nothing changes the structure that will painstakingly take shape in the next decade (or more).

The Romance with Paris is a Love that (almost) Never Changes

Whether you travel (solo) or with friends (or lovers) the city will both surprise you and yet still stay the same. After recent world events, I have yet to return; I am expecting some of my old haunts to be gone. I am hoping some will have survived. I expect to meet some old loves (now dear friends) and explore the possibility of the new. You can never tell, in Paris. Until then…Mon Amour…until then.

A cafe to welcome you on most every corner.
The most beautiful rooftop views in the world.
The Best Hot Chocolate in the World, though everyone has their favorite.
Grabbing a bunch of flowers at a moment’s notice is an everyday habit for a French table.
A french Hug for friends and family is Required upon greeting.
The tops of buildings are a celebration of elegance. ARTIFICE PHOTOS
They Mysteries of Versailles and the Gardens was the scene of Many a Love Affair in disguise. ARTIFICE PHOTOS

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