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Opening the doors to the Secrets of Paris Adventures.
HOTEL DE LA REINE in the MARAIS near the Place de Voges

What I remember about Paris seems to be fading from my memory so I am going to do some rummaging and see if I can retrace my steps first as a 15 year old, as an exchange student. Then, as a young professional working with clients in the luxury industry. Along the way I met some lovely people, who have stories to tell.

I am going to invite some of my friends to share their own views and stories. Some of my friends are native to Paris (each with a unique talents) while some are Americans who have lived in Paris. They have a unique relationship to the city. Their adventures will inspire you to dig a bit deeper into the Paris Adventuress spirit, to learn something that might change you, as it did me.

The history of Paris is hundreds of years old; there was an empire; a revolution (several world wars) and now a modern resistance movement. Many Americans forget the roots of our own democracy came from France. Without General Lafayette, George Washington would have been pretty lost, in fact. Lafayette was critical to many battles fought in the Revolution. King Louis 16th was anxious to stick it to England, so a historic alliance, was born and you know the rest.

My job is to guide, curate, explore and inspire my guests so that they shine on their own. A conversation about travel is more than a visit. We’ll really dig deep into things that will be of interest. We’ll review some books. Meet some authors. Discuss ideas about what the culture is responding to. Alot of American culture has seeped into French culture but the French seem to have a nice way of updating it, re-mixing it and making it even better.

France is also coming to terms with social issues from a social or cultural and economic point of view. As artist and creator my interest has always been about the infusion of cultures. Politics is for me, a side dish. My focus is on culture, art, fashion, food, books. We’ll divert you with tales of Paris shopping, in the flea markets, talk to fashion folks, hear from a champagne maker, a wedding designer, and a pastry chef who is creating world class pastry in the Paris suburbs. You can feel free to return here for details on all our episodes that may be the touchpoints you have some interest. We will leave, no cobblestone, unturned.

If you decide you want to go to Paris or for us to recommend hotels or places to stay we can create an itinerary that reflects your interests. Email us at: for a curated tour and visiting itinerary. We can also book your hotel for you, if you wish from our catalogue of small hotels throughout the city.

A Bientot! The Paris Adventuress. Our link for Episodes coming Soon!

From the Windows of the Musee Rodin, looking out into the sculpture garden,

The Garden at the Museum dedicated to France’s most famous Artist, Delacroix
Looking up at the Rooftops of Versailles, where they are busy repairing and renovating the Palace,.

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