La Vie Romantique

A museum to visit that shares the history of Chopin & Georges Sands

The world of the romantic artists and writers in Paris was an exciting time to be alive. As you begin your journey to this era this museum is a perfect place to start. Without the fanfare of a major Paris museum the MUSEE DU VIE ROMANTIQUE is more of a peek into a lifestyle and era of the 1830s domestic life in Paris.

The walk to the museum is one of discovering a quiet and lovely bohemian chic neighborhood where Chopin and Georges Sand once happily lived. You enter the gates and walk into a world of where you can imagine music and a garden to spend the time in on sunny days. Here they lived while Georges wrote her books and Chopin practiced for concerts. They were already the couple of the century as their combined reputations made them the best dinner party guests. Artists like DELACROIX make note of meeting them and enjoying their company. Once inside you are stepping back into time as you wander inside the museum. You can peer into some glass cases and discover objects and relics of the era. Here above the fireplace (pictured) is one of the famous portraits of George Sands one of the most controversial women of the period.

The Salon of the Museum of Vie de Romantique

For more information and to purchase tickets, see the website for further information. Be aware of hours and procedures for the museum since the COVID -19 issues still remain in France.

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