Perfectly Paris Travel:  The Smart Suitcase Est Arrivee!

One thing that will tell you its August in Paris and the signs and sounds of the city beginning to empty out: the sound of suitcase wheels on the pavement.  All Parisians, as my dad used to say, “turn the same pages of the book in the schools each day” so perfectly regimented across the country.  So to, are the travel plans of everyone:  August is the time when business slows down, offices close, the beaches full up and the sounds of suitcases, like a cacaphonous symphony roll across the pavement in the early hours of the morning down below your window.  To be clear, suitcase wheels on the streets of Paris are not particularly romantic; they click and reel, bump and bumble along the sidewalks.  Parisians however, are very clever: they pack light and carry only the most critical items in their small check-ins or carry-ons that head down the streets and disappear into the metro.  The anticipation grows as the sidewalk fills up with vacationers who step onto the trains and taxis on their way to somewhere exotic, or just to visit the folks in the country.  

All Paris Adventuress girls are usually well, “not” bumbling down the streets with huge suitcases, no, mon Cher, they are now signing up for the new smart suitcases, like the RADEN made in New York and ready for its close-up on your next trip.  So, here is how they shake out:  made of ultra light materials, in a variety of chic colors and two sizes – (Dimensions: 28”/21”/13” and 22”/14”/9” ) these suitcases are also “smart” and can charge your phone, as well as be located directly from your smartphone and are “Ultra light: 13lbs and 8.4lbs” for the Check in and the carry-on.  Did I mention that you can also “weigh” your lovlies, as well?  The wheels are also fantastic because they are designed to glide and shoot on the tarmac or be less bumpy on the street as you leap into your waiting UBER and head to the airport. 

Smart traveling for the Paris Adventuress, is just the beginning; we suggest you bring a suitcase 1/2 full and return with some delightful treasures from Paris! 

Bon Voyage!

The Paris ADventuress

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