The RITZ HOTEL: A dowager awakens…from a very long sleep

The Hotel Ritz, closed for the past 3 years for renovations, is now about to awaken from what seems like a long sleep.  When the French rating system failed to nominate the hotel as a “Palace” that is, a 5 star rating, it was time to close. What sort of place is this hotel? Always a place for the wealthy, well-heeled or high-rolling, the reputation of the hotel has played directly into the hands of world history, itself.  The Place Vendome (always an adventuress favorite, as we visit this location every year during fashion week, we have been waiting for 3 long years for the hotel to open.  Until we get our french heeled booties into the door, here are a few fun facts to entertain you!

  • 28 languages spoken by the staff
  • $1490 is the price of a cocktail made from historic liquors
  • Ritz Beer, was requested by Marcel Proust from his deathbed
  • 128 feet of tunnel for famous and rich to get to their limousins untouched by Paparazzi
  • Audrey Hepburn Films shot there:  Love in the Afternoon, How to Steal a Million, Funny Face
  • 30 Million Mohamamed Al Fayed paid for the hotel in 1979
  • Years Coco Chanel lived at the Ritz (*unti her death in 1971)
  • 17 Cocktails invented each night by the Bartender (name withheld)
  • Last time Hotel was updated:  1980’s

We remember the Hotel as it was, and hope to see its future incarnation soon!  In the meantime, a Paris Adventuress plans her outfits for its debut!

The Adventuress

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