Live like an Adventuress: Paris is My Muse

When I hear bad news about Paris, such as strikes, or other scenes that show France and its underbelly, I just say to myself, this too, shall pass.  What we all know about France, is that it is not a perfect union, but there are certain things in the economy that may seem a bit irregular, but if you look at the rest of Europe, its still in pretty good shape.

What one does as a traveler, is to be flexible, and to find ways to keep yourself and your choices in travel and transportation.  

  • Get a Private Driver through your hotel, who can take you where you need to go.
  • Avoid using on Call Services until the Market Settles
  • Choose Hotels and other Activities that are readily available to public transportation such as Metro, bus and stay centrally located when possible.

When Paris gets a bit crazed, I just remember a few things to get me back on track: 

  • A museum is just a few metro stops or walk away – nothing like ART to put the smile on my face.
  • Head to the local cafe, sit at your table, and order a glass of wine, look around and realize that the world’s most beautiful city is at your feet.
  • Head to a local park, watch the people go by…the dogs and enjoy a spot of sunshine.
  • Head to the marketplace, pick out your favorite wine and cheese and walk to the park and enjoy it.
  • Go to a local Paris Vintage store…and enjoy the moment when you discover a Chanel Jacket for a song
  • Go to the Chanel Store, or YSL or any other high end retailer and purchase a new lipstick, nail color or other impulse beauty purchase to remind you that Paris, is the beauty capital of the world.
  • Choose an elegant perfume to remind you of Paris that just says “You” and wear it every day you are there, and when you are home.  Mine is “J’Adore” by Dior, one spritz of this one and I am there!

While the world is looking at Paris from a distance, I’m an adventuress who lives for each beautiful day there, and when things are a bit crazy or perhaps not perfectly Paris, I am reminded that its still one of the world’s most beautiful cities and can’t ever be replaced.

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