Travel Like an Adventuress: The ‘Paris Adventuress’ Airport Guide


When you are a Paris Adventuress, there is nothing like a little bit of inspiration to make you book that ticket again for yet another year of adventure and discoveries.  A little touch of French lingerie, for example; Mais Oui!  What French girl would do without it? This is a must for your “at home for the holidays” collections so that you are ready for the perfect moment to put it on, with or without a French Lover in residence (though we suggest one, if possible).   French Adventuress girls never let a little detail like “Hey, I am stuck at the airport” to stop her from having a little French inspired fun.

Here are the best ways to get out of the airports:

CHAUFEUR PRIVEE: You can download this on your phone and hail a chauffeur, also choose an electric car option which is cheaper. Mostly Town Cars or Mercedes Benz. 

OPERA BUS: For a mere 16 euros you’ll be whirled to the center of Paris where you can take a taxi to anywhere from there. 

Private Driver:   Most hotels can arrange this for you – just check with where you are booked and they’ll do the rest. 

TAXI: Sure, its the old fashioned way and most expensive, but readily available. 

Paris Adventuress Tips for Long Airport Stays: London, Zurich, New York, Paris

The DIor Counter:  Of course, trying on lip gloss by Dior is never a bad idea especially when you are in the Duty Free Shop. Why not try a color you wouldn’t try at home? Perhaps a stronger red or coral?   A quick spritz of one of your Dior favorites is also suggested.  Best prices in the Tax Free Shop, so stock up on your favorites.

The Chanel Counter:  Of course, we suggest a little spritz of a No. 5 and don’t forget the gorgeous new Chanel Lipsticks that just came out for the Holidays. Divine Reds and Corals, as well as the “nude” shades.

A glass of Champagne:  Just head over to the nearest bar, order a glass of delightful French wine,  or perhaps a glass of bubbly and watch what happens.  A smile on your face, as you recall your last visit to France or someplace “French” just lifts your spirits!  A glass of Perrier with a Twist of Lemon is a champagne alternative, with a touch of cranberry juice.

A Manicure: Lots of airports now have nail salons – it’s the best way Adventuress girls on the go keep up with their demanding style schedules!   Choose a color like a rich red, dark navy or something festive! Now, you’re ready for anything !

Luxe Restaurant: Forget the coffee shop, go for the top resto at the airport; if you happen to be in London, Heathrow’s International Terminal 2 has the best selection of the latest gourmet options.  Chef Caroline Milli Artiss, one of our pals, has a new restaurant there with two other partners.

The Burberry, Harrods, M&S:  The Heathrow Airport has vastly improved its shopping options, so its the perfect time to catch a few British Trends while waiting for your next flight.  British Luxury is the word, here.

Scotch, Whiskey & All Things Malt:  If you have a friend who likes Whiskey or Scotch, its the best place to buy it.  The price and selection are world class and it never misses as a gift (We include this so that you don’t forget the significant other in your life who is a scotch or whiskey drinker).

The Zurich AIrport:  Luxury Shopping and the world’s best chocolate.  I usually have just enough time for a hot chocolate at the coffee bar as I rush from my International flight on my way to the Paris Connection. The Swiss are known for their promptness, so be aware of the time as you shop for luxury items.  The Swiss charge a bit more here, but the organization and time saving aspects of this airport, are well worth the slightly higher prices. Euros or Swiss Francs, even dollars can be charged on your credit card saving you the fees.

Paris – CDG:  Well, this airport is located in the beauty capital of the world (see above) and the only place to buy champagne on the go, so need we say more?  Just a few last words:  Perfume, Make Up,  Accessories, Champagne.  

Bon Voyage  &  Happy New Year from   THE PARIS ADVENTURESS

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