Luxury Jewels At Boucheron Paris : Through the Looking Glass

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The BOUCHERON Boutique at The Antique Biennale 2014 – 

The journey begins in Japan where an exquisite necklace inspired by the rivers and inlets in the high mountains of Spring; there is still snow and ice on the ground. The creation of the “Japonaise” Boucheron necklace is both a marvel of gemstone technology and a romantic and fresh way to wear jewelry. At first you are taken with bubbles made of Crystal inlaid with tiny sparkling diamonds at its center point that cascade down from a choker made of diamonds and sapphires; water bubbles are captured in a succession of rock crystal circular shapes each larger than the one below it and ending in a tail of fine cut diamonds at its end. The cascade from the necklace (is removable) and turns into a graceful shape that can also be worn as a brooch.

Take a Journey through the Mysteries of the Orient

Another piece is inspired by Persia uses cut crystal and sapphire beads ending in a cute tassel effect and his cocktail Ring is inspired by the spires of the mosque temple with a roof made of cut sapphires. Then, traveling to China we are treated to a collar made of cut crystal teardrops and diamonds. The splendours of India begin with the lotus blossom of mother of pearls and diamonds. The main attraction is the large square emerald with surface carvings resembling the lotus blossom to show its coloration or then set as a pendant on double diamond collar of stones with a diamond tassel to finish the look.


The History of Boucheron

No trip to Boucheron would be complete without acknowledging its long history with the crowned heads of Europe. Their creation of pieces like the Imperial Tiara and necklace inspired by this long relationship with Russia beginning in 1858. A necklace inspired by the frozen snows of Russia complete with a matching set of crystal chandelier earrings are only outdone by a watch that features a diamond bracelet and a bubble of Crystal to capture the small timepiece within. The diamond and white gold cocktail ring is shaped like a Russian crown of flowers from a peasant’s folk costume. How can I describe simplicity with richness?

The World of Boucheron is Rooted in Travel 

The history of the house is rooted in travel to distant lands and the extraordinary collection of unique stones that are “one – of – a – a kind” and brought home to the workshops. The family of Boucheron and their expert artisans have been creating unusual pieces for over a century. They were the first jeweler to set up shop on the Place Vendome, the most exclusive address in Paris. Both father and son were visionaries in a world of staid diamond collars and long pearl necklaces favored by the Edwardians. Jewelry was worn “just so” by a woman and she rarely changed how she wore her pieces since her wardrobe was made up of high necked blouses and skirt or dress ensembles. Then, Monsieur Boucheron came along and invented things like convertible pieces that could be worn a variety of ways; he brought in exotic stones from the far off lands of Egypt, Persia and India. A touch of the exotic was all the rage in turn of the century Paris and Monsieur Boucheron took Paris by storm. The 1920s brought the emancipated woman who wanted versatility and choice. He was the first fine jeweler to re-think the idea of wearing jewelry and he has set the bar for others to follow as the house continues to do so today. This exclusive collection can be seen on their website if you missed it in Paris.

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