Paris Nights: Confessions of a Window Watcher


Coming home late in Paris is just like discovering another face of the city; the windows of Paris at night are like the eyes of Paris. If you look deeply and closely into them you will discover their intimate secrets and a sense of what is really going on. From pastry to paintings there is always something interesting to see inside a shop window in Paris. No matter how tech savvy we are, essentially humans are curious by nature and peering into shop windows is one of the things we happen to like to do. The French are particularly expert at creating a shop window, perhaps that’s why I love them so much; they are commercial during the day, but at night they are like theatrical experiences with their lights turned low, the characters dressed to play their parts in eery silence.  Some  windows beg to be look at closely, others are simply displays but each does have a story to tell.  You only have to look just a little closer to really see Paris as it’s revealed in its windows to get to know its inner secrets.

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