Butterflies under Glass: Left Bank Artistry

Butterflies under Glass

Extraordinary Butterflies on Display in A Paris Shop on the Left Bank.  Not for the faint of heart, this shop also specializes in

stuffed animals (we don’t mean the kind you find in the toy shop).  Our Fall Adventuress tours are just now being planned, for

September in Paris, when the summer breezes are still blowing and the tourists have all gone away.


We love this time of year, and suggest you join us for a private luxury tour of Paris that will be a truly unique experience.


PARIS ADVENTURESS.  Touring for the women or  man who seeks an Urban Paris Adventure that is a boho luxury experience that is filled with intellectual curiosities, theatrical adventures, artistic pleasures in culture,  food or wine, luxurious accommodations and a unique salon of friends that only a French Adventuress could discover for you.

email us:  Tours@parisadventuress.com

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