Paris Romance: Live on the Darker Side




















Where does one go in Paris to recover from a failed romance or console yourself if you are alone on Valentine’s Day?  Take heart, because the role of a romantic heroine is calling you.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris like a true Romantic Heroine no matter if your lover is near, or far.

Look out the window; if the day is a little foggy its perfect for putting on your favorite romantic outfit.   I also recommend one of the inky deep tones of lipstick or nail polish to really bring out the tragic heroine in you.  Add a dash of mysterious perfume like Dior’s ‘Poison’ or a Chanel’s ‘Allure’  to bring out your passionate side.  For the guys, of course you can simply add a dash of French amour with a cashmere scarf to bring out the literary hero in  you.  Begin the process of healing by taking a walk to your local Paris cafe or a brasserie in your neighborhood.  Find that perfect seat in the cafe and promptly order the most decadent drink you can think of…go ahead, make it a something you would never drink on a Wednesday at 2:00 pm.

If you decide to wander over to the Place des Voges, or walk through the Palais Royale there is designer shopping, galleries or elegant bakeries and even a Tea or pastry shop.  Here’s where bohemian heros and heroines can mingle and mix over glasses of wine or brandy in full decadent post-romantic style.  You can also make a visit to the Victor Hugo Museum nearby to brush up on the life of a romantic hero or heroine.  Remember that being a romantic requires that you not only embrace love when it comes along, but get over it with style like a true romantic hero or heroine.

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Get Over Love in Paris:  This is just the beginning of how to live out your romantic fantasies in love or at its loss: 

1.  Shop for perfume at the Joya Boutique on the Right Bank and choose a new scent for your future romance yet to come.

2.  Angelina’s for the most delightful hot chocolate located at the Jardin Luxembourg and avoid the crowds on Rue de Rivoli.

3.  While away an afternoon at Cafe Bonaparte on the Left Bank, or Cafe Victor Hugo near the Place de Voges or other cafes near to you where you can scribble in your diary about your pain.

4.  Pick out the sexiest pumps on earth at  the Louboutin boutique on the Rue Saint Honore, then, flaunt them.

5.  Stop in at Colette’s for the perfect music to create your own soundtrack to your recovery.

6.  Go to the VICTOR HUGO museum to revel in the world of the romantic heros and heroines on the walls, and his unique life.

7.   Stop in at David Lynch’s Night Club for an after hours libation and hip conversation.

8.   Stop in to Pick up some romantic reading at Shakespeare & Company, where literary types are hanging out perhaps,  your next coffee date.

9.   Arrange a private table at the private supper club, Le Table de Cybele and ask the girl  in your building, whom you always meet in the lobby, but never asked out.

10.  Stop in for a beer or the game at the Auld Alliance Scottish Pub to commiserate with the guys.


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