Castles in the Wind: The Other Versailles


The chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte, built by the architect who created Versailles is an early version of the perfect Baroque palace in the center of a garden outside Paris.

As one of the first properties in which the interiors, the garden design and architecture were blended into one seamless design, it was an eye-popping design.  It was so effective in fact, that Louise 15th came to dinner at the chateaux and marveled at its beauty.  He promptly fired (and dragged into court and prison) his finance minister and hired all the experts who later created Versailles which expanded on the idea of the original.

I am going to make a special trip to see this palace, to soak up the history and take a luxurious picnic.  I hope the owners won’t be home, as I plan to peer into a few windows, and wander about the gardens as if I own the place.

Hope they don’t mind…..


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