THE OOH LA LA: How do the French Do it?


What’s up with this French thing, called  “ooh La La”?   Not just reserved for a few movie moments or some cute cartoon cats, this French expression deserves some attention.  Well, Jamie Cat Callan has gone French, again.  She’s shared the secret of staying “Tres Chic” and “Tre Jeune” in her new book  “Ooh La La,  French woman’s secrets to staying beautiful every day”  just out on Citadel Press.   It’s the perfect read for poolside relaxing as each chapter tells a story, provides tips, shares insight or just plain good advice on how to approach your life from a particularly “French” perspective.  In case you think this is rather cheeky of her, let me mention that her own grandmother was French.  The book is her own journey of discovery that is a personal  quest to discover this very elusive idea.  Then,  she adds a dash of local color and characters.  Jamie has written other books on the subject like  “Bonjour Happiness” and “French Women Don’t Sleep Alone“.   A recent Vanity Fair article noted that our obsession with the French should perhaps be a bit less so. After all, what do they have that we just don’t?  Is it the magic of a French perfume, the wearing of a touch of red, or do the French say what they feel,  “sans regrets”?

All of this, and more.

French woman simply assume they are really fantastic just the way they are. So, go ahead and take some chances or step outside your typical comfort zone and just enjoy the “joie de vivre” that is the authentic you!  Accepting yourself,  is the main message here and if you want to feel better by employing a fashion or beauty tip, why not?  I should add that she’s included some quotes by some of my very favorite ladies from Coco Chanel to Diana Vreeland who are your cheerleaders along the way.   I plan to pass along the “Ohh La La” and I encourage you to do the same!

Rush over to to get your copy of  the book  “Tres Vite” by clicking on the link:   Ooh La La! on Amazon  and enjoy!


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