Are you an Adventuress?

The Definition of an adventuress has a two-fold meaning: first, the idea of a woman who had ambitions, and didn’t take no for an answer, is the first definition.  The second relates to being unafraid to take chances, to go outside of what is considered socially acceptable.  The world of the adventuress is part of  history, literature, politics and other areas where women went on their own path to become something extraordinary.  We’ll share some of their history here; what makes you and adventurous woman, is your ideas about life, love, romance, and your need for something new, something that always keeps you interested such as travel, romance, love, passion, art, culture, politics and literature.  You see the extraordinary, the new, the fresh, and are always up for an adventure.  That makes you, an true adventuress, because you’re not afraid, to try something new, to take a different road, and be who you are.  You might still be on the journey or maybe you have finally arrived.   Either Way, You’re Welcome Here. 

Pikke Allen, Chief Adventuress


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