Don’t eat these Alone: Gregory Renard’s Macarons

Macarons at Monsieur Renard's
Macarons at Monsieur Renard’s

Well, he’s outfoxed them, that  Monsieur Gregory Renard, a very  clever man in Paris who has created mouth watering macaroons in a dozen flavors.  All the others pale by comparison, as these macaroons are literally juicy, not dry and reserved.  Let’s just say… you’ll want to eat these in private and not in public (I’ll let your mind conjure up just such an occasion) as they are truly unique in their conception.   So, let me begin.

I discovered the shop by accident, while rushing to a metro station near rue Daubenton on the Left Bank.   The shop was an antique storefront painted deep brown with gold lettering and windows that displayed a beautiful cornucopia of macaroons in colors I had never seen before.  These were not your great-aunt’s  macaroons; these were sexy.  Created in shocking colors,  with slightly moist surfaces, a crunchy texture with chewy fillings in a variety of flavorings. Flowers are featured with delicate scents of rose and berry, hazle nut, pistachio or lemon.  Every bite is filled with a delightful combination of sin and sensuality.  The chocolates he creates are just as divine.  They melt in your mouth while you breath in the smell and crunch on sugar or salt dusted on the surfaces. If I were Queen, I would decree that these were are only to be eaten Fridays or Saturdays, leaving Sundays for those other versions you’ll want to eat with your Great Aunt.

Its ARTIFICE at its best.


The Gregory Renard shops are  in several locations in Paris, so you can find out more online at: //

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