What is Choupette, doing Today?

Choupette, fashion's most famous Kitty Kat.
Choupette, fashion’s most famous Kitty Kat.

If you have not already heard about Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld‘s own tiny white Kitten and the world’s most fashionable feline, you are either out of the loop, or probably not paying attention to Pop Culture, or in this case, “Pet Culture”.

On Christmas day we were imagining what she might be doing. Cats like to do all the same things we do;  eating a holiday meal, playing with new toys, or friends and generally enjoying the day of relaxation away from the bright lights of fame and fortune. Like all super models on their day off, she’s probably keeping it real and just kicking the yarn ball around on those chic and shiny black floors in Karl’s pad. We imagine that when she is not starring in the latest luxury advertising campaign she has all the perks that a luxury kitty could want in Paris:  The perfect little cashmere cushion to sleep on; a few Parisian gourmet treats for snacking and lots of fashionable friends to play with and loads of affection from her daddy.  We can also imagine that like all kitties (and all girls) she just wants to have fun and enjoy the ride. We hope her next year, 2013 will be filled with happiness, kitty treats and perhaps a new playmate to keep her company.

We can’t wait!

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