Murder me at the Hotel Crillon: Death by Dessert

This is the story of a woman, whom having entered the Winter Garden at the Hotel Crillon (suitably accompanied by her handsome French lover) vowed never to leave.  She wished for a complete end; a final departure from the world by eating the worlds most delicious desserts prepared by the 5 star Pastry Chefs in residence.  Sinking into a beautiful French silk couch with her handsome boy by her side, she decides that sex and desserts are her two favorite things, though shoe shopping might also qualify as the third.

Desserts formed into impossibly chic or delightful shapes and tasty textures are just the beginning…once you sink into the satin couches in the winter garden, its difficult to leave. Ever.

So, the boyfriend should ideally accompany you, just in case you get lonely. There are all sorts of delightful things to drink in the Winter Garden like tea, coffee or champagne. So, let the fun begin as the gleaming silvery pastry cart rolls up to order “A La Carte” or you can be more formal, with a tea selection complete with a tiered tray of delights served by the handsome waiters who compete for your attention. Can this be heaven?

Need I say that the rooms and suites at the hotel are perfect for a relaxing afternoon either before or after the tea?

No, thought not.


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