The glorious French Pistachio

The glorious French Pistachio

La Pistacherie, Paris, 3e

Just when you thought it was safe to wander the streets of Paris! You had created your special Paris diet of “One croissant per day” and you had decided on no more than three strawberry tarts per week; you had finally come to terms with the champagne.  Enter, “le Pistache” and “le Pistacherie”.  In the states, the Pistachio simply sits quietly in the nut section of your supermarket, next to the cashews.  There is no celebration, no fanfare or elegance.  Well, this is Paris, and the lowly nut we all crave, has been raised to the heights of a truly fashionable nut.  At the “PIstacherie” you are welcomed by a friendly counter clerk who offers you a sample as you gaze at the eye-popping selection of pistachios dressed for formal or informal occasions. They’re dipped, colored, sugared, salted, and wrapped up in their finery that makes them the perfect gift. FInally, something you can bring the hostess in Paris for cocktails or Champagne.   Caution:  once entering the “Pistacherie” it will be difficult to leave without a fully stocked shopping bag of these Parisian delights ! So much for the Paris diet…

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