Cannes v. Paris: “Movieokie”


After seeing the Paparazzi lights of Cannes, the mother of all film festivals, the return to Paris was like a breath of fresh air.  I could stop imagining I was in some kind of movie 24/7. But, not so fast.

Paris always reminds you of the movies.  Woody Allen isn’t entirely responsible for this, though, he is a part of this terrible problem I call, “Movieokie”.  Webster’s defines this form of entertainment as:

..offered typically by bars and clubs, in which people take turns speaking movie dialogue while a subtitled silent version plays in the background”.

Whew, that’s a relief.  I thought it was only me, hearing Maurice Chevaliar sing “GIGI” title song, or Van Johnson saying “We’ll always Have Paris” or Gene Kelly spinning around a fountain to the tune of Gershwin’s “American In Paris”.  I have not totally lost my mind.  No, turns out I was just preparing for that new entertainment called “movieokie”. Perhaps,  I could actually be good at this!  Now, I am not sure where to go in Paris to do this, but, I am sure someone out there will know.  (*please write in!) Vintage movies are especially good examples. But, even the latest titles will do, provided you can quote dialogue endlessly and cast yourself in the perfect part.

Meanwhile, as various movies and themes play out in my head while in Paris,  I know now where they’ll end up.  Watch out, Woody, I am already preparing for my close-up.


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