Movies and Fashion: It’s just too good!

Fall Season 2011 – Paris and Los Angeles

Who doesn’t love the movies, especially the vintage ones.  I am usually glued to the screen where I have my camera at the ready to discover those fashion finds that are just, well, too good to miss, for the Fashionistas out there.  Here’s one:   A chorus girl draped on a piano in total mink, covering her nether regions.  I am not sure its fashion, but, we know one thing for sure, its just about the most fabulous display of fur we’ve seen in a long time on the screen.  This particular image goes back to the grand days at Warner Brothers, not doubt a movie babe who just happend by atop a piano.  Yes, stranger things have happened.  But, we just couldn’t spare a moment to share it with you and simply say, Fall Season is here, have you checked your mink?

The Style Mavens

Note: Photo courtesy of the Harry Warren Archives

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