ARTIFICE on LUXURY: The Discreet Charm of Perrin Paris

“All things being equal, we’ll always choose a discrete luxury brand that expresses our individuality, passion for quality and personal design evolution”.   ARTIFICE
Perrin Paris, Beverly Hills, CA   
Stepping the shop in Beverly Hills, the location of Perrin Paris, I am struck by the beauty of the space designed in the spirit of Jean Michel Frank from the 1940s.  One can imagine classic movie stars like Veronica Lake or Rosalind Russell coming in to purchase a pair of gloves, or an envelope bag.   The displays are inspired by the sculpture of Giacometti with each wrought iron “trees” decorated with a selection of handbags swinging from their branches.  This quiet and discrete shop is right in the middle of Beverly Hills, but you wouldn’t know it.   You have entered the world of the French luxury house,  Perrin Paris.  
The  Perrin family has a history of leather craft going back to the 19th century making gloves and leather goods for the great luxury houses of France.  The family is devoted to ultimate quality in leather crafts with their own tanneries, and sources for the hides. The bags have a practical side, each lined with luxury materials, sometimes glove soft leather with pockets and slots that organize our already over-stuffed lives.  These are expressions of an artistic viewpoint that is for a  taste level that says quiet, luxurious and interesting. Even Martha Stewart has gotten into the act influencing the creation of  the “Martha” bag.  This slim and curvaceous “Martha” envelope is designed for  over-stressed jet setters who need to get to their stuff quickly.   The bags come in a variety of leathers like Crocodile, cowhide, suedes or patent leathers all mixed up in charming combinations and subtle colorations. These bags are available in tones that make them practical investments for each season: black, navy, white, beige, taupe, creme, camel and grey.  They also make a bag that is a sphere created with a number of highly engineered straps it resembles a “ball” in a pleasing rounded shape.  It’s the show stopper of the collections called  “The Ball Bag” and can be seen in full color ranges on their website. 
While in Paris, head to the shop on the rue de Petites Champs and when in Los Angeles, stop into the beautiful boutique on Beverly Drive.   Exquisite design and magic are always something that ARTIFICE is interested in and these are not just mere handbags, they’re a points of view expressed, beautifully.   (

Visit the two locations both in the US and in Paris:  

Beverly Hills on Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills  90210  (*new location in NEW YORK coming soon)


Paris,  on rue des Petites Champs, 1er arrondisements



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