Wanted: Musician, Horseman, Patriot.




Just in case you are wondering, yes, there are still handsome men who ride horses and arrive at the appointed time, to march to the sound of a drum.  These gentlemen are members of  the French Republican Guard,  or “Garde Republicaine” whose job it is to stand at attention at the presidential palace,  guard various dignitaries and assist the police in and around Paris.  Here they are in full regalia at the Place Vendome, across from the Ritz. ARTIFICE can’t help but be thrilled by men in uniform. Not only do these gentlemen need to ride a horse, but, they also need to be able to play a drum, trumpet or French horn among many other instruments as this was no doubt the musical division of the troops. A rare appearance in the center of Paris reminded one that some traditions are worth keeping.

Vive la France!

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