Best Quotes About Paris: Just for Writers and How to Begin

“Many nights he lay there dreaming awake of secret cafes in Montmartre, 

where ivory women delved in romantic mysteries with diplomats and soldiers of fortune, 

while orchestras played Hungarian waltzes and 

the air was thick and exotic with intrigue and 

moonlight and adventure”.  

 F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Tender is the Night”

ARTIFICE suggests a fountain pen, a journal, and, we’ll  even recommend shops where you can purchase  just for the asking.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description depicts the inner experience of a young man, his leading character, who imagines a life he might lead as an adventurer.  Taken from his own experiences, its possible to see the voice of an older, wiser man looking backwards than the desires of a young man. In any event, what’s not to love about being a starving writer in Paris?

Here is our pick for you visiting scribes….and don’t waste a moment of your time in Paris to put it to paper…its priceless!

Good Spots to Start a Journal….in Paris. 

1.  Palais Royales Gardens….a more royal experience of journaling on a quiet park bench. Then, see the Comedie Francaise nearby in the same location.  Tickets at the last minute…very cheap.

2.  Cafes in Le Marais… filled with starving artists so you won’t feel alone. Just avoid the loud ones.

3.  Cafe “Les Deux Magots”.  Worth a first visit, where all the famous writers go, but, not suggested as a regular haunt.

4.  Jardin Luxembourg…its big and fancy but many quiet places there to sit and write. A Classic.

5.  Quai Bourbon on Isle Saint Louis…the quiet park at the end of the bridge…very romantic.  Cafes nearby.  Beware of Tourists.

ARTIFICE  is on the search for the best quotes about Paris that can be found…

this one was found in a long forgotten novel by one American author who was famous for his Paris leanings…

Let the dreaming, begin!

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