Walking in Paris is considered one of the best ways to truly enjoy the city.   One way to make this event entertaining  is to add a Window Shopping portion into the mix. Recently, the city created a bicycle program as well, so you can zoom about the streets with your basket full of goodies from the markets.  If you see something that catches your eye, you can put on the breaks, stop a moment, have no worries about parking, and peer into one of the many windows of Paris that are a unique tour unto themselves. This is a of course, a bicycle tour, which I will not go into details here.  I am talking about the slow and relaxed version of the Paris experience, which requires just some comfortable shoes, a portable shopping bag, and your curiosity.

Like little stages of theater, these windows have a total fascination for the Bohemian Shopper.  First of all, it doesn’t cost a thing!  With beautiful ideas for your home, your personal style, or your appetite for sweets! You can choose any block in Le Marais, and find yourself treated to many delights that just begin with fashions,  jewelry, desserts, antiques,  flowers, teas, foodstuffs. Even  a window dedicated to  “The Paris Rat”  with a darkly marvelous display tells the story of the many ways to dispense with the furry creatures.  Eventhough I know the windows are designed to draw me into the mysterious depths of the shops, in this case, I will remain on the street, peering in with fascination. Here are my three favorite areas to begin your walking tours to get you started.

Window Shopping Tours:

  • Avenue de Vielle Temps to the Seine
  • Place des Voges and environs
  • rue Etienne Marcel to Place Victoire


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