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Shopping Report: Fashionably Chic Bargain Shopper

This just in: Paris is a Bargain. Yes, no one will believe you, when I tell you this, but it can be if you know where to go, and what to buy. And, they have H&M. Well, we just can’t get enough of H&M in the USA, we’re totally addicted to it, me included. I just heard that on November 14th, worldwide, the Jimmy Choo collection for H&M will debut. Doesn’t matter if you don’t wear high heels, or, if your idea of comfort is a Chanel Ballet flat. But let’s just say that you are totally High Heel sort of gal, (I am known to sport a Prada or two!) But the idea that I could run down the street, stand in line for a “nouvelle Jimmy Choo” H&M style just makes me totally happy. It’s fashion, that is totally affordable, if you choose the right things, mix with your own classics, and yes, even those designer items you bought last year and paid too much for. Its all in the Mix.

Here are some trends that we can all put in our closets ASAP:

Here is our list of Stores that have Vintage, Trends, Affordable Chic, Designer Outlet:

  1. COLETTE – 213 rue Saint-Honore 1st
  2. Sonia Rykiel outlet-64 rue D’alesia, 14th
  3. WOCHDOM-72 rue Condorcet, 9th (vintage)
  4. H&M (any location)
  5. RECIPROQUE (vintage) 16th
  6. Outlets at Vallee Village
  7. Monoprix



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