Palais Royale: Fashionable Destination

The Palais Royale, the historic palace of Cardinal Richelieu has always been a fashionable address. The Palace itself is under renovations and the 21st century scaffolding presents an interesting contrast to the original elegant architecture that is being repaired. Moliere liked this address, and lived just down the way at Number 40, of course, a close walk to his job, at the Commedie Francaise.

But there are other wonderful secrets within the arcade, which boasts boutiques like Marc Jacobs, located next to the dusty jumbled bookshops, and a historic Restaurant Cafe Royale, a delightful sort of place that evokes the Belle Epoque era. Another shop has exclusive designs just for the “Little Black Dress” . The Rick Owens boutique, is also in residence. His inky and dramatic creations are perfect for the daring fashion forward customers that wear them. I noticed two children playing with a red balloon in the garden, reminding me of my favorite story by the same name I remembered as a child. Once the renovations are done, the newly minted historic location will regain its prestige as a park. The shops, and boutiques continue to be a quiet and secret location for the Fashion Elite, who go there to experience the elegance, and history of this address.

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