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nick-karvounis-6vwrVGrxOKE-unsplashParis is Fashion. Fashion is Paris. Paris is Romance and So it Goes…

It started with the Kings and Queens and glittering personalities of the French Court.  Everyone who was anyone, copied their unique looks, and a fashion state was born.

Paris fluctuates from a city of traditions to one that embraces the new. A fashion scene that rivals any in the world, with a mix of American inspired ‘streetwear’ to a tailored suit from Christian Dior.

We confess, we’re bohemian in our pursuits. As you get to know the city, there are neighborhoods: each has places to go to discover and a mood or atmosphere that gives Paris a unique edge over London, New York, or Milan, though Paris is decidedly an International experience.

Where does one begin?

Our search for authentic styles unique to the Parisian experience  brings us to many places in the city. We’ll show you where to go to find things you are dreaming about for your home or your closet. Delightful, daring, bargains, classics, new trends or traditions, we’ll look for all of this in our search to bring you the best of the city and the neighborhoods that inspire us.

Join us for the unique  journey that is Paris,  the most elegant city in the world, and share with us, your insights, inspirations and impressions.

And our goal, will not only to cover style in Paris, but the more romantic side….so stay tuned for our posts about lingerie and romance, both well known pursuits in Paris that we plan to explore here in this blog.

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as we will…

Styliste Privee

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