Avenue Montaigne

Starting here, is to begin at the top in Paris shopping. Fall Trends: Metallics, Luxury Materials, and heart-stopping Quality.

The Avenue Montaigne, has the worlds great Designer shops, in large screen format. Dior, Valentino, Chanel, Prada, and many others live in quiet harmony on this veritable street of dreams. Here you can discover the latest in the Season, the windows are a treat of what lies inside, and price is no object.

This is luxury at its best, and the world’s purveyors of luxury are to be found here. We suggest you begin by taking a walk up each side of the street, stop for a nice cup of coffee at the cafe which is directly at the apex of the street. Then, take a quiet stroll by the Plaza Athenne Hotel, the destination for quiet luxury. The doorman will tip his hat at you as you pass, and should you desire a drink, or lovely dessert, their cafe is one of the most elegant in Paris.

Now, you’re prepared to begin the shopping experience. Our advice, just take a deep breath, enter into the magic and begin!

Avenue Montaigne will be hosting a special Fashion Spectacle during the first weeks of September!

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